Holistic Health Coaching

What is a Proper Holistic Health Coach ?


  1. Someone who walks a very real Path in the World of Natural , Functional , and Holistic Medicine who can greatly assist & help you to shortcut your own path towards optimal health and wellness
  2. Someone who has worked hard to not only overcome their own health challenges & predispositions towards illness, but has been helping others to do the same in a dedicated way for nearly 2 decades
  3. Someone who has reached levels of Expertise in his field who holds valuable living & functional knowledge, and can relay this knowledge and expertise to his clients
  4. Someone with a High degree of Skill to evaluate , assess, and monitor his clients with reliability & precision either in person / or in Distance
  5. Someone who can expertly manage and guide natural detoxification & Nutrition Programs ( Personalized & highly compatible to You and your body  )
  6. and Someone who deeply understands the Multi-fasceted Terrain of health & healing , and knows how to Navigate that terrain to help you reach your goal and get you Optimized !



Holistic Coaching Services & Programs 

  • Holistic Detoxification
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Holistic Healing
  • Holistic Education
  • Holistic Training






Holistic Detoxification Coaching & Programs

Many times clients come to me with long standing issues that they have had for years. They have had many ‘opinions’ on what they should do, but nothing seems to work- and they end up very confused and discouraged.. Or Allopathic Medicine will tell them that there is no cure, and all they can do is give them some medication to ‘manage’ or reduce the symptoms. many times people don’t know where to begin, and the world of medicine makes it confusing and even sometimes bleak in the pursuit of finding the way to healing, and overcoming their health issues. Health shouldn’t be a guessing game – we believe (and have seen) that there is always a correct answer to all issues! I assist in order to take the confusion out, and put you into the process that will recover your health. Which means to address the root cause, not to try to cover the symptoms.

It is easy to recognize that the world that we live in bombards us with toxins, chemicals and heavy metals on a daily basis, wether we are aware of it or not. The body simply cannot handle the burden of the modern world; Which makes detox a necessary and unavoidable part of maintaining health, or recovering from disease and illness. Through years of research and Holistic Practice, as well as battling through our own health challenges, we have come to find very profound and functional methods of detoxification and support for the body, and its systems We use proper, safe and effective forms that are accessible, and have been tried in true in our practice.


Holistic Nutrition Coaching & Programs

Nutrition is one of our most profound MEDICINES, and is probably the biggest element that is overlooked when it comes to healing the body. Nutrition can be very confusing, largely in part because of the unimaginable level of Genetic Modifications and overall tampering that is in our current food sources. We hear one day that something is good for us, and the next that it is dangerous. There is so much ambiguity and oppositional views – many times we need someone to ‘crack the code’ for us. The truth is that there is a correct diet for each INDIVIDUAL person, based on their constitution and current state of health. It is always an unfolding and changing process that must be followed with care and understanding.

Heal your gut with nutrition and safe effective therapies – Learning how to safely incorporate FERMENTED FOODS and live foods into your daily life is one very important part of that. Practitioners worldwide are coming to understand the importance of good bacteria/ gut flora also known as the microbiome and how it plays a key part in your health, and overall wellbeing – even our level of happiness! We need to learn how to cultivate a healthy micro biome, and then eat foods that nourish and take care of it. This is a great passion of ours and something we are happy to share.

Holistic Healing Coaching & Programs

This is one of the core programs that is offered to dedicated souls who really want to do the work to overcome life issues and limitations – Also to further their  Energetic and Spiritual Development.  You are absolutely guaranteed to experience a powerful transformation by completing a healing program with us. There has never been a person who has completed a program and has not !   It is  our experience that after 3 sessions the person is already making radical shifts in their understanding and therefore their complete outlook on life . What has been stuck and unable to move (sometimes for years or decades) , has been opened  and the person can sense that something truly profound has happened. but that is only the beginning…

Is it for me ?

If you are asking , then I would say Yes !  We all begin this work covered over by many layers of subtle “Issues” which does not  allow us to “come through” and experience ourselves more fully.  On top of that , there are emotional blocks and knots which have created the “Impossibility” of being integrated  in these places inside.  When this is the case – our outside world can only reflect to us this dis-integration that we are inside .
The answer is a dedicated healing program that ‘takes you on’ energetically and has the power , precision and  skill to recover  the places in your energy where the system is shut down and bring resolution to the glitches there. The holistic healing  program must be followed consistently as it requires a great deal of momentum to successfully enter and deliver the work into the places where healing is needed.


What is my work in following this program ?

You are very much a part of the success of your own Healing Process.  It is a universal  law that we each must be made fully accountable for what we carry within. This is why we feel ourselves to more like Spiritual Trainers and Life Coaches than Healers. Yes, The Inner Terrain where all the issues lay requires the healer, but a proper healer is one who assists  the person to take responsibility for what has been created … This is Empowerment!  And only through recovering the necessary responsibility are we truly healed.  How many clients have we assisted in their personal process only for them to go forth and assist others. There is a Natural Principle here.
This is a program for those who really want to face themselves and do the work to transform. We provide the process and are with you every  step of the way. Through weekly Healing Sessions, you will be expertly guided through the hierarchy and synchronicity of the energetic issues that you carry. You will be amazed and outstanded to see the patterns and intricacies that have been weaved throughout your life. Most of us have only 2 or 3 dominant issues that have been recreating themselves in Myriad ways throughout our entire lifetime.  These longstanding patterns are fully identified and made clear in our programs.  You will be changed and transformed by properly addressing and resolving these dominate issues. The transformation comes by facing yourself truly the way you are within, you need a guide for that as it is nearly impossible to see your own entanglements.


I Really Want to Overcome My Limitations-Will This Program Really Change Me ?

And More!  It is our Experience over many years that these programs change the person for life . As consciousness has been restored in the places that have been inaccessible, it is nearly impossible for them to go back.  The way is forward and there is only more awareness and healing to be restored.
As we are working on the level of energetic “Causality” , it is very common for long standing Physical , Emotional , and Mental problems to be resolved.  It was always the subtle energetic dis-integration within that Informed the Physical, Emotional , and Mental Problems to begin with.  The Vibrational Healing Programs go to the root of the problems and True Healing & Profound Self Integration is Always the result.


Okay , I am Ready ! How Do I Begin ?

Lets Begin with a consultation to get to know each other and find out your goals & intentions. The Consultation is Free.  Leave your Email in our Contact Page for a Free Consultation. We will get back to you in a short time.  We look forward to connect with you and help you to come through !


Holistic Movement Training

Movement is Key in any type of Personal Transformation ..  What Makes all the difference though is the “Right Kind” of Movement for each Person ..  We are all so unique and our health process is constantly changing , therefore the type  of exercise & movement  programs that we undertake must be Compatible for us at any given time ..  And this can and will change over time as our Health process is in constant evolution ..  I have discovered this aspect to be just as crucial as Nutrition .. Just as there are certain foods that will be wrong & incompatible to the body , there is also certain exercise & training regimens that can be equally wrong and Invasive to ones Health & healing process ..   Through Proper evaluation & assessment it is possible to know at every season of ones Health program what specific types of exercise & Movement Training they should be doing …

Holistic Education Programs

This is for those who Value the Knowledge & Education and may feel the call inside of themselves to Step Up into their Own Roles of Healer and being in service to Help Others .. This is a Full on Training and Mentorship Program which encompasses the Full Spectrum Holistic education that I have integrated in my years of training with the Masters .. This is at its Heart – a Transformation Program in itself that will move you in ways that you could never imagine .. My clients that have Stepped into their own Roles as Healers and Guides have been forever changed by this Program ..

How can this be so Powerful ? Its Simply and Profoundly the result of You passing successfully through your own Personal Transformation guided by our Direct Assistance & Mentorship … Its a Living Law of the Universe that when One can Heal themselves , they are then Naturally Prepared to Heal Others ..

This is an intense Program and will always be for those who really feel the Inner Call to take it on … True Authentic awakening happens at this level and the Persons find themselves living at a completely different Vibrational Level, Perception , and Consciousness that will be with them for the rest of their lives .. If this sounds appealing to you , I encourage you to get in touch – lets have a consultation about it and go from there ..