I have been working with Jason, for around 7 months. In my case I went to the doctor to do all my anual checking, and he found that I had Tumors in my reproductive system. The recommendation was to do a surgery  to avoid something worse in the future. I was terrified  and I didn´t know what to do, so I pray to find other opinion and in that moment Jason appeared.
Jason helped me to change different things, taking into consideration a holistic view, so I corrected many things in my diet, I include vitamins and minerals and also he helped me to process & heal emotional old stuff. So after a few months I went to the doctor again, and my test Results were Completely Clear  !
I am Incredibly Thankful for him and I fully recommend his Life Saving Services to anyone who is sincere and wants to heal naturally …  He is an expert in his field and has a great heart to help his clients ..                                Pamela~
There are no words to describe this kind of spiritual work, One really has to live it to feel the difference it does in your life I have been looking for years to grow spiritually but nothing was enough; now I know I am in the right path because I have experienced such amazing changes in my life and in my own family . The energy in my whole family is moving in a way I could not believe And everything is the result of a deep work in my self. It is a very rewarding work that brings light to myself and those around me I am really thankful that I finally found my way back home..​Marcela

I have been in the work with Jason for nearly 12 months, an entire cycle under his wing and guidance. His knowledge of Holistic medicine, natural processes, the luminous body and flow of energy, along with his ability to transfer and teach have been at the heart of the transformation inside of myself to begin returning to a natural state, integrated in the Mother. This is a truly beautiful and essential work and Jason’s abilities and skills to hold you with power in this make him an expert navigator to take you on this journey. Each session has left me in awe at how sensitive he can be to the subtleties that surround me and how meticulously he shines the light to expose these intrusions and purge them from the luminous body. In such a short time at the beginning of my work he was able to help me rid myself of Ulcerative Colitis which had plagued me for over a year prior to this. I continue my work with Jason and welcome the continued transformations that have yet to come in this beautiful, natural, essential work.

​Dean P.

“I have never experienced a more gentle, yet concise form of healing.
When dealing with “old stuff” or recurrent patterns, i have found Jason
Kerr’s Shamanic methodology to be both highly effective and profoundly
illuminating. While working with Jason, I’ve enjoyed the experience of a
much more elegant process, with much more authentic resolution, compared to
other more traditional self improvement or therapeutic journeys. I am very
grateful that his work is available here in Panama, as this work now will
affect the rest of my life with more joy, and certainly, better

relationships.”  – Bonnie 
If you are sincere about your personal development, you will not be disappointed with your energy sessions with Holistic Panama . I went to regular psychotherapy sessions weekly before I moved to Panama, and in three years did not have the advancement and growth I have had in ten sessions with Jason. In fact, Jason has had the good fortune to train for many years with Kogi elders who have passed onto him their shamanic ways of knowing and being. The Kogis are a soul centered tribe of indigenous people, who have been living since pre-Columbian times, with heart centered practices which see the human being as multi-dimensional energetic beings. You will understand when you meet him, his dedication and focus to these arts, wisdom beyond his years, and the gift of being able to read and shift stuck, stored and stagnant energy — which can be trapped uncomfortably as negative emotions, negative states, or even illness– in our bodies. What really impresses me is that he cares about souls, particularly those souls who are brought before him, and he works with the unfoldment of your life one piece of energy at time, until you very well may feel like me… a new person with a new life!
“Working with Holistic Panama  has allowed me to clearly address, move through, and heal ailments on every level of my being. Jason’s natural calling is healing, and his intuitive abilities have allowed me tremendous unlocking and transformation on both the physical and non-physical level. It has been an honor and gift to work with such a skilled healer.”
~ ​Lauren
Dealing with Jason has been great for my health.  He really impresses me as a knowledgeable, honest, respectful, profoundly spiritual and sincere Holistic practitioner.  He is thorough in dealing with my physical and emotional problems.  He looks for ways to help me and does research concerning my conditions.  Just recently after I came back from a cruise in a pitiful state of pain he knew precisely what to do to deal with it.  I left the session more relaxed, at peace and able to cope with life.  He is like a doctor, being able to diagnose without invasive methods.  He is continually studying his field to give his patients the benefit of superb care.
Anita B. ​

After having my first visit with Jason, a 10 year old condition which caused me to see a chiropractor each week has now disappeared.  I had no idea what the cause of this condition was until Jason explored with me the energy surrounding it, and supported me in clearing this negative energy from my body. What a blessing he has been to me. This was only the first visit and the subsequent visits have been equally amazing. I am thankful for all his knowledge in his many fields of holistic healing. He is also a great teacher to learn these same techniques that he uses so we too can use them on ourselves.      K.

 From the moment I arrived , I felt at home ..  It was extremely challenging in parts mainly due to both the Intensity and the fact that I was alone, but that was how the Universe intended it to be ..  Jason, you are a Master and your teachings are so spot on in every way .. I know your words will echo through my mind and your Medicine will echo through my body throughout time ..  I Sincerely Thank your for being a wonderful teacher ..
Love always – Sammykins
My work with Jason has been quite in depth in the last several months.. The experiences that I have had  with Holistic Panama and the extent of my healing have never been short of majestic in their nature… Through many years of training and devotion to the shamanic arts and various forms of holistic healing, Jason has an incredible ability to tap into the luminous body, and spiritual realms beyond time and space. He works very harmoniously within the beauty and intelligence of nature, and with the intent to return souls to their natural states, integrated and complete.
I have never experienced such rapid movement of stagnant, negative energies and imprints than I have within this work, and its pure impeccability.  Through the undying support, teachings and guidance of Jason I have begun to embark on a beautiful journey of the soul, re-activating and aligning with what has always been my true essence…. As things continue to manifest, I am constantly in gratitude for the space that he has helped to create and hold for me.
Jason is a body of living knowledge, and he holds his integrity and respect for his clients in a very high way. It is very apparent where his intentions lie as a true healer and guide… He above all is a great friend and support system, and I can say whole heartedly that if you are sincere in your intentions within the work… amazing things will unfold for you.       ~ A